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Tom and his crew have the ability to take a blank canvas and transform it into a masterpiece.

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When he's not working with clients, Tom enjoys spending time being with family, friends, and outdoors. 

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Montana Landscape Contractor

Creative, artistic, practical and original, the landscaping experts here at NatureScape love sharing our passion one yard at a time. We are Northwest Montana’s premier landscape contractors. Learn more about our approach from owner Tom Wilson pictured at right, with Naturescape mascot Nugget:

I’ve always had a deep respect for nature, the natural world and its endlessly different combinations of elements. The wildness of our regional environment serves to inspire my work: from the nonliving rocks, trees, water, shrubs, flowers and grasses to the living creatures like deer, moose, elk and even bears. I believe our unique climate and the animals we share it with need to be acknowledged and respected through the landscape design process. We do this by making appropriate plant choices and being mindful of how the landscape will grow and change through the years.

The Naturescape difference is one of an educated, experienced, artistic and tasteful approach. Each project is an opportunity for a personal connection with our clients, and a deeper connection between the client and their land. My primary goal is to help foster that connection and ensure your home landscaping is beautiful and designed to your goals. 

Every client's situation is unique and our strong sense of situational awareness is one of our biggest assets.  Throughout each project, we observe the philosophy of 'gestalt,' a German word that refers to the concept of wholeness. This helps us to consider the entirety of your property, ultimately yielding a masterpiece that maximizes the positive and minimizes the negative. 

I bring my over 30 years of experience to bear on each and every project. I am always on site for each project, ensuring that  critical choices are made with precision and skill. I remember a quote from my studies about rock placement from a world-famous Japanese landscaper who said, “It may only takes a few hours to place some rocks, but it takes 23 years of experience to defend that placement.” Each and every design decision is based on my foundation of thoughtful, artistic experience.

My strong moral core helps ensure I’ll stay true to nature's inspirations, and always treat my clients as I expect to be treated: with honesty and fairness. My team and I take great pride in our workmanship, which manifests itself in our attention to detail, and also in the clear and simple way we price our projects. 

Thanks for taking a few moments to learn more about my approach. I look forward to working together on your next landscape design project.

Tom Wilson, Owner

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